GDPR News Center News for 10-16-2018

Official Statement: EU GDPR Compliance

The protection of private information is fundamental to the trust Zoom users have given us when choosing our service. Zoom’s products now feature an explicit consent mechanism for EU users. Users that are detected via IP address as coming from a EU member state, upon their first visit to the zoom. Us website, will be presented with a cookie-pop up box that allows cookie preferences to be set. These cookie preferences can also be changed at any time in the future by visiting the cookie preferences link at the footer of any page on our website. 

EU users can opt-in to communications from Zoom when registering for Zoom-hosted webinars or downloading whitepapers from our website. We have appointed a Data Protection Officer, Kari Zeni, who is an expert on GDPR compliance topics. Zoom has entered into Data Protection Agreements with our vendors to ensure that the privacy and security of our customer data is protected. Zoom’s DPA has been thoroughly vetted to comply with all GDPR and other privacy and security-related requirements, has been drafted to clearly and accurately describe the manner in which Zoom consistently provides its service to all of its customers, and is consistent with the security program on which Zoom’s annual SOC2 third-party audit is premised. To be more transparent and have developed a cookie policy that describes the purpose of the cookies that Zoom uses. 

In addition to the privacy training that all Zoom employees receive during on-boarding and annually thereafter, employees with roles that are customer facing have been trained on GDPR and how it impacts their roles. GDPR empowers data subjects with certain rights to help assure the privacy and protection of their personal data. 

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General Data Protection Regulation Compliance

On May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation replaced the Data Protection Directive that had been law across the European Union for the past 20 years. GDPR impacts any business that operates or collects data in or from Europe. We see GDPR as affording us yet another opportunity to continue our tradition of protecting and giving you more control over both your organizational and personal data. Multiple data centers to guarantee a secure and highly available service at scale. Our new Privacy Basics´╗┐ page gives you a snapshot of how we handle personal information and data, while the page design makes it easy for you to find the exact areas of our policies that concern you. 

We also offer various options on data processing terms for customers, depending on the plan or package you have selected. If you’ve purchased your plan via our website, you can access our data processing addendum here. We empower all of our customers to control their data through their account. As long as your account is active, you have full control over the specific types of data, and length of time you hold such data. We honour all deletions from an account, and all account data which has been expunged by you is permanently deleted from our back-ups within 90 days. 

We’re aware that many of our customers with EU users and EU affiliates would prefer that their data be hosted in the EU. To address this, we are actively engaged in building a data centre in the EU. Updates on when this data storage option will be available for customers will be provided through our website. Manage your company’s data with advanced security and control, so you can enable your teams to share and collaborate safely. 

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GDPR for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is committed to helping our customers meet their GDPR requirements. In this topic, you will find information and several resources to help you understand how Microsoft Dynamics supports the GDPR, and how we provide the information and tools that our customers need in order to define and support their GDPR obligations. The following white papers provide an overview of the GDPR for Dynamics 365 applications and services. What GDPR means for your business applications: the IDC analyst’s view. The GDPR grants individuals certain rights in connection with the processing of their personal data. 

DSRs on the Service Trust Portal – You can find information about what the GDPR requires of controllers and processors when you respond to DSRs, and how Microsoft enables you to do so. Compliance Manager is a cross-Microsoft cloud services solution that is designed to help organizations meet complex compliance obligations like the GDPR. It does real-time risk assessment that reflects your compliance posture against data protection regulations when you use Microsoft cloud services. Hear from Microsoft about how we support the GDPR, and learn how we are helping our Microsoft Dynamics customers support their GDPR requirements. Hear from Microsoft about the GDPR, what it means to our customers, and what it means to us as a corporation. 

Microsoft’s commitment to GDPR, privacy and putting customers in control of their own data, May 21, 2018, Julie Brill – Corporate Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, Microsoft. Essential Dynamics 365 resources to help you with GDPR compliance, May 14, 2018. Get deeper knowledge about Microsoft, the GDPR, and our own GDPR journey. 

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